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Gate presentation!

We invite You to acquaint with the Cane da pastore maremmano-abruzzesse breed. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this breed at first sight. Our dogs are always glad to meet the guests. And this  beautiful art-gates shows it. Welcome to the Kennel “Silver Haus”

Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog is an Italian guard dog whose history has been known for more than 2,000 years.Two regions in Italy claimed this dog to be their property, Abruzzo and Maremma. That is why the name of the breed became "Maremmano - AbruzzeseShepherd".

The Maremma stay the same as it was 2000 years ago — these are big white dogs (externally similar to a polar bear) with thick, hard, quite long wool.

Despite their size, they are agile and easy to move, moderate in food, feel the same good at both temperature as +40 and as -40 and able to safely tolerate sharp temperature jump.

They are distrustful of outsiders and have the innate qualities of a guard.

 At first the task of these dogs was to protect the herds and property of shepherds from wolves and bears, and in our time they protect from thieves and feral dogs. Maremma remains loyal to the sheep, cause due to her loyalty, we know that only a several dogs of this breed perform their duties alone and do it with exceptional responsibility.

They will never leave what is entrusted to her care, they have strong protective instincts and they are used to making their own decisions. These traits have been preserved in the breed to this day.

As a result of testing among security dogs, it was revealed that the Maremma is the most reliable, and in 1982, the Maremma in America was officially recognized as the best guard dog.

Maremmas male are more larger, more stubborn, with more pronounced withers, female are more graceful, gentle, feminine in their movements.

The character of this breed has its own characteristics and differs from most of other breeds.

The hard life that these dogs are use to over the past centuries, their duties and the responsibility made this breed an ideal Keeper.

They get along well with their own family and children, as well as with the children of friends,

who are allowed to do anything with themselve​

and you can be calm if you leave your child with the dog.

The Maremma is tolerant of other dog breeds and can live peacefully with them. They rarely get into fights and they are not easily angered.

But they can be very formidable in anger, especially if they are fighting for something valuable to them.

Maremma is a harsh hardy dog that will be happy to be outside in any weather conditions.

Despite the rainy wet weather, when dirt sticks to the legs and stomach, the rough cover hair of the dog does not allow ingress to the soft lower fluff, which remains dry. Hair of the dog is a self-cleaning, when it drying, the dirt falls off and there is not any traces on the hair.

The Maremma is a typically healthy breed, not susceptible to disease and relatively free from hereditary ills.

Maremma is a very smart dog and she will get bored quickly without training.

They quickly understand the basic commands and can easily pass the General training course, but you may not get unquestioning obedience from them, like from a German shepherd. Slavery and servility are not in its nature.

Don Tomaso Corsini wrote about Maremma: ''Beauty at rest and in action, intelligence, dignity, natural protective instincts - all these are positive qualities, but there is something more in our big white Sheepdogs than the usual features, because a Person for them is an equal and a friend, not a God and a master. If you want obedience and submission, stay away from this breed, but if you value friendship (give and receive), a little humor, and a lot of training, the real Maremma is the best you can would like!''


Bashkortostan, Ufa district, village Shmidtovo, st. Mira house 77